• Rtlstien

    Morenatsu Port Release

    January 24, 2018 by Rtlstien

    After nearly a year of working on it, I present to you the first release of the Morenatsu Revival Port:

    Thank you for all of you patience, and enjoy

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  • Rtlstien

    Morenatsu Port

    October 14, 2017 by Rtlstien

    Hello to all, I am rtlstien

    I was given the opportunity to create a RenPy port of Morenatsu for the Revival teams a few months back.  Right now, I'd like to share with you the progress of the port:

    Days Inputted:

    Currently all the dialogue, sprites, backgrounds and sound effects have been ported into RenPy from Days 1 to 15 (Welcome Party to the end of the camping trip).  What's next is the six individual routes.  Currently I've preformatted four of the six routes (Kounosuke, Tatsuki, Shun and Kouya) so that when I insert them into RenPy I'll just need to add the visual and audio effects.

    Morenatsu Map:

    I've managed to make the map and character selection screen work just like the original.

    Morenatsu Menus:

    I've recently started messing with the …

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  • HomosexualHero

    I honestly couldn't think of a good title for this. I want to start off by saying that this seems to be the best place to get in touch with morenatsu fans as I personally have tried other social media platforms and have not had much luck meeting other fans of the series.

    With the "Christmas Special," I'm sure you have seen a bit of what's going on. It made me think if we should have a "fan-made games" wiki page (on here that is) that listed games that are either completed or in progress? While this has nothing to do with the original game, it seems not many here object to adding pages such as that? It's just something that's on my mind since from the Christmas Special team, there is a notable amount of people who have split up and began wor…

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  • ShunKodoriMPT

    Me and my dev team are working on a Morenatsu Christmas special and this one guy by the name of "Paulgwen" keeps on ruining the wiki post, I need help fixing this

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  • Z-Lion

    I wanna address what's going on with the Revival project, and this is coming from all the remaining team members. 

    We started this project around 2 years ago, and we acknowledge that we've been secretive and quite quiet about all that's going on, and we deeply apologize for that, we are aware that many of you might be dissapointed because we are being as hard to communicate as the original Dev team, and we are not even an official thing. Let's get to the point.

    We suffered from many issues in the past, some being lil' discussions raging to big arguments, ergo, the communication and energy we originally had was gone, and most of the relationship we have with each other was also vanished, being Akhera our main source of communication within al…

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  • Deibiddo-kun


    September 21, 2016 by Deibiddo-kun

    If Waterfront is based on the real village of Shirakawa, then what real location is Kazenari based on? Can someone tell me?

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  • Geobuddyfight100

    My Morenatsu Persona

    September 6, 2016 by Geobuddyfight100


    George Micho







    Hair Color 


    Eye Color 


    Fur Color 



    April 21

    Blood type 







    Juuichi Mikazuki

    Kounosuke Kuri

    Kouya Aotsuki

    Kyouji Takahara

    Shin Kuroi

    Shun Kodori

    Soutarou Touno

    Tatsuki Midoriya

    Torahiko Ooshima

    Akira Nikaidou

    Chuukichi Mori

    Shigure Tachibana

    Tappei Midoriya

    Tetsuya Inoue

    Jun Nekonishi

    Keisuke Hirama

    Mitsuhisa Aotsuki

    Yuuki Tori

    Botan Akagane[ Friend and Teacher ]

    Ten Kodori


    Tsukishiro Amaki

    Hiroyuki Nishimura




    George was born in April 21 as a child he lives a happy-go-lucky life his really alone person but later on the Shin's house George decide to make friends  he meet Kouya and they become friends he decide to join the band as a pia…

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  • AnakarXaris

    Morenatsu For all!

    August 16, 2015 by AnakarXaris

    Ok since Morenatsu dev. has stopped indefinatly and with Windows 10 killing applocale and makign life hard on all of us that dont live in japan (myself espically T_T) I have decided to do 2 things!

    ! remake Morenatsu in a new engine keeping as close as humanly possible to the original game as possible

    and second i am hoping to gather a few people together to help me with this gigantic task (mostly the scripting part).

    I'm gonna link to the alpha version if the project wich contains a very small part of the entire story and is what i have accomplished today alone. If you like it keep rooting me on and if you know how to script Javascript and want to help feel free tp reply as well and we can see if we cant figure this out together.

    Game link: h…

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  • Tsunar

    Hey! I heard the game development was canceled a while back but on the wiki theres something called "New Dev Team" is there a new development team working on the last three endings? thank you for answering my question.

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  • Z-Lion

    As I expressed a few days ago, we announced that a continuation was in the works thanks to the help of the ones who spread the word and got together. We are a group of 6 people consisting of two programmers, one spelling checker, two writers and an artist. So, to put some light on the project, this is what we are doing by now:

    • Porting the game to Ren'Py, this will end with KiriKiri limitations and the need to use AppLocale.
    • Writting overlines for each route
    • Designing extra characters and scenarios
    • Developing a webpage and a forum for proper contact

    We will soon end with the webpage and from and on, we will post updates over there.

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  • Juuichi Mikazuki

    For the uninitiated, the game has a morenatsu segutio created by Chinese fans, history and focused on juuichi (MY FAVORITE EVER,) but I do not know how many of you are aware of it, I hope that z-lion, also it would be more correct to say panda-lion, examines this small proposal after that of course, the path of torahiko soutarou kyouji will be completed, to translate the game in question and thus make it available to the world, for those who wanted to know more of the game at issue here it is reviewed,, The game itself has some small programming bugs, nothing serious, contrary to the original game, the backgrounds are all designed and rigorously paintings hand, and the main thing a second favorit…

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  • Z-Lion

    Create fanmade routes?

    July 20, 2015 by Z-Lion

    As it says on the main page, Morenatsu has stopped being developed. It's been over 10 years and just when we were going to get Torahiko, Soutarou and Kyouji, it ended. Believe me, I'm as angry and dissapointed as all of you are, I really enjoyed this visual novel.

    I'm not a social person but I do not want this to die so easily, as something that just happened, like an unfinished comic, so I am here to offer my help. I know about Art and Writting, my style is not as similar as Shamoji's (Because that would be copycat, people. Never be a copycat!) but I know about proportions and I solely draw on Kemono standards, so do not worry, I won't draw canine dicks here and there and... feral paws and hands with four fingers, or stuff like that, I am …

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  • Michiko aotsuki

    hey buddy

    March 1, 2015 by Michiko aotsuki

    i love everything of morenatsu

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  • Michiko aotsuki


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  • Michiko aotsuki

    hey there i'm michiko aotsuki.i'm 14 years old. you know why i need to put my name as aotsuki's family right?*chuckle*cuz i love being kouya's sister .my old name was michiko sing,and i thought i can join kouya's band with his friends.

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  • MorenatsuWilson

    Several Months Later.

    February 21, 2015 by MorenatsuWilson

    Well it's been several months now since I discovered Morenatsu. I'm pleased with finding it. I'm writing this to the admins and such for making this a great wiki. Whenever I play Morenatsu I get a good feeling. Like I want to be with them, dance with them, hang out with them, *coughs* date Shin Kuroi *coughs* and that kind of stuff. Then I discovered the Morenatsu Wiki after a couple months and in a way it feels like home. Kinda like I belong here ya know? I really hope this Wiki keeps growing and the game gets even more popular. To be honest i'm not sure why i'm writing this. It's just a thanks to the admins and such. Sometimes I trail off into other things. Sorry about that. Anyway, fantastic work everyone.

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  • Brahms33

    Time to reminisce

    December 20, 2014 by Brahms33

    Hello everybody.

    This time of year again. So as I did last year, I'd like to share some words.
    Practically one year ago, I found out about Morenatsu, and few days later, this wiki. Although it seems this happened a long time ago, it was just one year, that went in a blink of eye.
    Because of that, it's a special time for me, and more, the season couldn't be better here in Brazil - it's summer.

    As the holidays are coming, and the year's end is approaching, it's a good time to reminiscence. I've done a lot of good stuff this year, however I lost track of some objectives, of which I regret, but nothing can be done about it but to accept. I guess the same goes for most of you. What I want to say is, this is all a good exercise: to be true with your…

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  • 3krok

    Name Change

    August 16, 2014 by 3krok

    Just a short blog to clear a potential thing up. I'm the admin (husbando) Sonicstar3000. As of 15th August 2014, I requested Wikia's staff to change my username. I hereby known as 3krok, so please refer to me as that.

    In other words: 

    Sonicstar3000 -> 3krok

    Thanks. Take care.

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  • Bravert

    morenatsu 3D characters

    April 26, 2014 by Bravert

    All models are made by me. Since the end of 2012 to date, I have been studying on their own, knowing many 3D programs Edision, in order to make these models. I wanted to make a video game, but could not, So is that only models and will encourage you. Hope you like my progress.

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  • 3krok

    God, it's been a while.

    March 2, 2014 by 3krok

    Welp, it's been a while since I've been here.

    Currently, I'm catching up with everything that's been going on, anything I should know in particular?

    Tomorrow is the only thing that comes to you even if you don't do anything. Everything else in life has to be fought for, so go out and get what you want! 18:57, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Mixed Playlist

    Hey so I just got into Morenatsu a few days ago and I have to say I am really enjoying, but just to make sure I can enjoy it to the fullest I have a few questions.

    1) How do I know if I am running the most recent version of Morenatsu?

    2) How will I be able to install a new patch if/when there is one?

    3) How can I stay up to date on any recent information regarding updates and news for Morenatsu?

    Please and thank you everyone!

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  • ShenanigansShikra

    Hello Morenatsu fans.

    You probably haven't seen much of me, but I'm the person who created this wiki for people to enjoy. Originally, me and SS3K made this wiki expecting it to be very small. It has grown very large in the time it's been up, and we're happy about that.

    I thought it would be nice if people on this wiki actually got together and spoke to eachother a bit more. I've never really got to introduce myself to the people on here.

    So, maybe we could all introduce ourselves to eachother.

    I know, I know, it sounds like an activity small children would do. But I've kind of got a very big lack of friends who like Morenatsu and I'd like to make some more!

    I'd also enjoy it if we used the chat some more. I like to talk with others who like the…

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  • 3krok

    Admin Message 28/12/2013

    December 29, 2013 by 3krok

    Hello everyone.

    A late Merry Christmas message and a Happy New Year from Co-Founder Sonicstar3000. As well as a Merry Christmas on behalf of the other admins!

    I hope you had a cheerful year, and we will continue to edit this wiki where applicable, thanks for sticking with us for, almost a year now, and let's keep our hopes up for more stuff and more cheer!

    Keep editing, you guys! We don't know everything, and we've got faith in you!

    Tomorrow is the only thing that comes to you even if you don't do anything. Everything else in life has to be fought for, so go out and get what you want! 01:37, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Brahms33

    Merry Christmas

    December 24, 2013 by Brahms33

    Hello everybody.

    I would like to wish merry christmas for all the christians here in Morenatsu wiki. And, of course, for non-christian religious and atheists, I wish health, peace and good times. This is just a usual moment to wish well for dear people, everybody should do it, so no commotion.

    I've known here just recently but I already like it a lot. Morenatsu is a great game and deserves all the attention and the hard work here done by the fans. I'll keep contributing, and I hope you guys too.

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  • Z-Lion

    Today I understood something, that some people is completely obssessed to ship Torahiko and Juuichi and so many artworks exist of this non-canon couple that people is starting to be kind of douchebags about it. To resume it, I made a random pic of Torahiko and Soutarou together just for fun (I'm an artist by the name Koruro) and somebody send me this message:

    "hi there. nice to meet you. I will talking with you something. Becasue My friend search some pictures and found your pictures. and he said he don't like you drawing's about morenatsu's pictures. he said he only like Torahiko and Juuichi together's picture. so. I hope you will stop drawing Torahiko and other Character together or Juuichi and Other Character Together's picture. Because he said. y…

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  • Torahiko

    Hopes for Torahiko's route

    September 21, 2013 by Torahiko

    Like the title says your free to add any hopes you have for Torahiko's route or what you hope to happen for torahiko.

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  • 3krok

    You don't have to if you really don't want to.

    Making an account entitles you to:

    • Changing your profile picture and having a name, and bio!
    • Entering the chat, where sometimes users meet up to have a live conversation!
    • The possibility to become an admin or chat moderator
    • The avoidance of being mixed up with other Contrib labels.
    • The ability to edit your signature, like this: You really haven't changed at all. Have you? 13:53, May 17, 2013 (UTC)
    • The ability to post images, videos and OGG (Ogg Vorbis Music) files!
    • Be a remembered and recognised user on Morenatsu Wiki!

    Just remember, if you really want to stay anonymous, you can, these are just a few features that can be added to the experience of the wiki for you!

    Remember; You can create an account b…

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  • 3krok

    Title changes!

    April 24, 2013 by 3krok

    As some of you may have noticed, the titles of the wiki staff have changed.

    If not, here's a briefing.

    The titles are no longer "ADMIN", "CHAT MODERATOR", and "FOUNDER", and instead are:

    Admin = HUSBANDO

    Chat Moderator = LOVER


    Just letting you guys know. Leave any thoughts in the coments!

    You really haven't changed at all. Have you? 19:34, April 24, 2013 (UTC)

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  • 3krok

    Admin notice 19/04/13

    April 19, 2013 by 3krok

    Hi everyone. I'm juggling wiki features around and I need an opinion.

    Should we have Achievements [badges] on the wiki? Yes or no? Also, top ten lists have been added, so if you want the opinions of others then create one!

    You really haven't changed at all. Have you? 10:31, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

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  • 3krok

    Admin notice 08/03/2013

    March 8, 2013 by 3krok

    Okay, just some notices.

    I've done a bit of editing over the past hour and I have done the following.

    • Added all of the Biography Portraits for Tatsuki's Route Characters and for Kounosule's Route Characters, also, Gaku's has been added, too.
    • Created the pages for both Juuichi Mikazuki and Kounosuke Kuri, no further pages are required on the Main Character category.
    • Made Tappei and Chuukichi's pages.
    • Might make pages for Shigure, Tetsuya, Akira, Botan, Harue, Gaku and Yukiharu.

    The pages I have added are currently stubs and it would be great if you guys expanded them, thanks!

    Do you remember the ruby sky, the sky that we saw on that day? 10:44, March 8, 2013 (UTC)

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  • 3krok

    So, here's just a short Q&A on Fanfiction and such.

    Yes you may, but, you must post them like the following 

    [example only]

    Fanon/Characters/Takato Kagura

    Yes, we do not want pornographic depiction in fanfiction though.

    [example only]

    Fanon/Fanfiction/Little Red Riding Shun

    This is still being tested, but in any case, yes you may! Roleplays must follow the natural rules, no godmodding and no powerplay, if the admins decide that the roleplay feature does not work, roleplays will be banned, so be responsible.

    [example only]


    Any further questions can go into the comments if you need to ask, I'll gladly answer.

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