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"Well then, why don't we listen to some music?"

free0352 (風行方-2nd- Kaze no Yukue -2nd-is one of the tracks in the Morenatsu Soundtrack, it is played on the trailer of the game and in Kouya's route as well, is considered the main theme of the game by many.

Uses in the gameEdit

  • The Trailer
  • Kouya's Concert dedicated to Hiroyuki

Audio DescriptionEdit

The track starts with an oriental instrument playing a song for 30 beats with a piano playing background chords with it.

For the next two beats, there is an electric-like beat that plays, before becoming the backing of the track as the first instrument plays again. It plays for another few beats, but towards the end of every 3-4 beats it jumps as if being remixed.

The piano once again kicks in and continues to play the original tune again together with a violin until it hits the one minute mark in which a piano solo starts. The piano solo plays for 13 seconds, after which the beat kicks in.

After playing the tune it had previously played once more, a drum solo is played and the original song plays again.

When it hits the two minute mark, it goes back to the first two instruments, but the pitch has changed to a slightly higher one. This continues for eighteen seconds before a guitar solo is played for 20 seconds before a reversed cymbal like sound is played, ending the track.

Playable VersionsEdit

YouTube Version

YouTube Version



  • The track's actual name is "Where the Wind has gone -2nd-", a track by SENTIVE