Real name: Keita Bantou
Gender: Male
Age: -
Aliases: Gamma-G



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Gamma (also known as γ  or Gamma-G; γ is a single lowercase Greek letter gamma) is a bara kemono artist and was one of the original members of the Morenatsu Project, directing its early development. γ is well known for creating and publishing early concept art of the Morenatsu main characters as a group, after the initial development of the characters. γ left the Morenatsu Project shortly after this, and is no longer directly involved in the development of Morenatsu.

γ has become better known in more recent years as the creator the manga series Build Tiger. γ has also created Morenatsu doujinshi of his own, including Bubblegum Bear, Morefuyu and Tiger Ramune.

During 2015, on May, γ left the social media (FurAffinity, Twitter, etc) as a response to the piracy his comics were having as an action he would "enjoy the doujin among only my local friends".

"Thank you for everything. I will not come back internet for a while. Piracy really turned me off. I'm going to enjoy the doujin among only my local friends.

Good bye."


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