Keisuke Hirama Sprites Gallery
Keisuke Hirama
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Hair color:       Pink
Eye color:       Unknown
Fur color:       -
Personal Information
  Musikus Band Leader


  Yuuki Torii

Jun Nekonishi

Kouya Aotsuki

Hiroyuki Nishimura

Love Interests:
  Kouya Aotsuki*
Yuuki Torii (Band Member)

Jun Nekonishi (Band Member) Kouya Aotsuki (Band Member) Hiroyuki Nishimura (Band Member)

Keisuke Hirama (平馬 佳輔, Hirama Keisuke) is one of Kouya Aotsuki's true friends and is the drummer and leader of Kouya's band. He is a cheerful and eccentric horseman.


Keisuke's past is unknown. He met Kouya while he was buying new strings for his guitar and bought them in the same shop where Kouya works. After that, they both got the idea to make a band. So, they put up some announcements in the shop to find a bassist and a singer. The first one to be interested in the band was Yuuki Torii, which later became the singer of the band. The last one to join was Jun Nekonishi as the bassist.

Keisuke was presented as the leader of the band after Hiroyuki asked Kouya to be part of the band to cheer him up, which he gladly accepted.

Later, Keisuke noticed Kouya's sad demeanor and, in attempt to help, Keisuke told the band how joyful being part of the band has made him and that they will be always together. Unknowing of Kouya's situation, Keisuke ends up making Kouya cry. However, later the band (Including Hiroyuki) relaxes Kouya.


Keisuke is extremely cheerful and joyful. He is always in a perfect mood. He is fairly clumsy, sometimes saying more than he should, like telling Hiroyuki that Kouya couldn't stop wagging his tail when talking about Hiroyuki.

It is probably hard for him to be serious, as even in serious moments, he is joyful but it is still noticeable when he is worried about something.

Due to his clumsiness, he doesn't always notice when anyone is around and will openly talk about a certain topic, even if embarrassing people within earshot.


Keisuke wears a purple sleeveless shirt, blue jeans, and a black belt. Also, he wears the same armbands as Kouya and the dog tag that all members of the band have.

Physically, Keisuke posseses an athletic body with noticeable muscles on his arms, pectorals, and abdominals, similar to Torahiko Ooshima. His hair and eyebrows are purple; probably dyed. He also posseses brown fur and his eyes do not have a certain color, similar to Tatsuki Midoriya and Juuichi Mikazuki.


  • When Sippo Abasiri originally created the character designs for Kouya and his bandmates, the band had a horse member, but his name was Koh Kiuchi and had different clothing and hair style than Keisuke.
  • When Keisuke explains how he met Kouya, he explains that it was literally "All Love", It is unsure if he was implying something.