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A Wiki for and by fans of Summer Break that any newcomer can help to make it grow. Note: Expect Spoilers.
107 articles since January 2013.

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Message from the Wiki Staff


We now have a webpage and a forum to keep in contact with fans and give updates over what are we doing and also answer questions about the development itself, if you wish to access and keep in contact, here is the link:

Blog: Forum:

- Z-Lion.

Recent Activity

  • discussion page question Regarding the morenastu Revival site.
    comment by Jayeilert90 4 days ago

    A Fandom user

    But what the part where it said it would gol live December 2016? It is passed December 2016 and even halfway into January D: 



    I have no idea what will happen, it was supposed to air in December 2016, but I don't think they have the sufficent money to maintain a si... 

  • discussion page Talk:Ending Directory
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: Not to sound rude but it has been covered in the guide for a while now. It's in the bold sentence before it tells you what to do on day 4.
  • discussion page Talk:Ending Directory
    new comment by Retorp
    Comment: The guide isn't full for juuchi best ending and I can't modify this page. For the best ending you need to go with shun on day 3 and next do the same...
  • discussion page Talk:Gamma
    new comment by SeraphAzael
    Comment: ignoring the big text here up, I agree with OP. I miss Gamma and his arts
  • discussion page Where's the website and the game?
    comment by A Fandom user

    A Fandom user

    The page said there would be news last Christmas, and nothing has come up. I'm seriously disappointed with the dev team for lack of conte... 

  • discussion page Is the game done for?
    comment by Jayeilert90


    I was wondering if you and the revival team were still working on the game. Since the revival site got taken down, and since I haven&#03... 

  • discussion page Talk:Gamma
    new comment by Yuki Yamada
    Comment: The person only expressed his opinion. And he has the right to it. Calm down yourself for better.
  • discussion page Talk:Gamma
    new comment by TheGrandGalaxyMaster
    Comment: You work for something so hard only to realize everyone pirates it and takes it as granted... Sounds legit to me(that's 100% sarcasm). I'm doubting...
  • discussion page Talk:Gamma
    new comment by Yuki Yamada
    Comment: I agree with you.
  • discussion page Talk:Gamma
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: Just read this recently. Why would this guy leave because of piracy? Seems really petty if you ask me. There isn't a whole lot you can do about it,...


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