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The Summer Break Project  (漏れなつ プロジェクト Morenatsu Purojekuto) is a term that refers to the developers of Morenatsu as an organization. The Morenatsu Project started in 2003 on the 2ch Kemono image boards, and gathered the creative talents of numerous people who have all contributed to the planning and development of Morenatsu, between them, Shamoji, γ (Gamma-G), Sippo Abasiri, etc.


The project was lead by γ on the board with the rule that "No women are allowed", this explains that women are never portrayed on the Visual Novel. The design on a beta-state where lead by γ as well with the help of Sippo Abasiri and Shamoji for a final design and later imported into the game. This one, was made into the KiriKiri Visual Novel Maker.

Different pictures of the beta designs and beta screencaps where available to the public, the designs were shown by the artist γ, while the screencaps where shown in the Blog. It's noticeable the big difference between the final design.

After a few months of the project, γ left it by his own will, the lead has been transpassing during all this time making the routes be released in long terms.

Juuichi Trailer Blush
As of 2013, the Morenatsu Project is still responsible for the continued development and publication of Morenatsu, as well as the management of the copyrights for the visual novel, its story and its incorporated media. A significant exception to this are the copyrights for the visual novel's characters, which various project participants designed, but the Morenatsu Project as a whole has specifically chosen to release into the public domain, even though, the visual novel it's on Japanese and the organization itself have request it to never translate it, with a Country IP Ban as a punishment. The Translation team have stated that while no internal or artistic modification occurs, there's nothing to worry about.

On July 20th, 2015, the Morenatsu Project came to an end unreleasing the routes of characters Torahiko Ooshima, Soutarou Touno and Kyouji Takahara, much to fans' disgrace. However, thanks to the nature of Morenatsu's copyrights being public domain, the game can be easily extendable by anyone who desires. As of the Morenatsu Project team, they never stated why the project was cancelled, just pointing out that it was "Difficult to continuing development".

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