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Best SpeciesEdit


Canines seemed to be the favorites of the community, those fluffy bodies and waggy tails must be happy. 

Did you know that Canines are the species that are the most seen in Morenatsu? Along with a canine always introduced in each patch?

T&K - Shigure Tachibana / Nanafuse

K&S - Mitsuhisa Aotsuki / Gaku Kodori

J&S - Ten Kodori

With 8 members, they're the highest species group in the Visual Novel.

Best Sex SceneEdit

Juuichi Mikazuki's Sex Scene was the best for the fans. A musclegut, fluffy bear. What else can you ask for?.

Did you know that the sprites and artworks from Morenatsu are made by the japanese artist 杓文字 (Shamoji)?. You can check the rest of his art here [1].

Best Shota-like CharacterEdit

Sin 1 0 13
Shin Kuroi was by far the most liked Shota-like character. The charm of the quiet and lonely cat but full of love for you completely enchanted people's hearts.

Best Body StructureEdit

Slim bodies are the most beloved ones, also, one of the most frecuently used among the husbandos. This group also swallows the Semi-athletic group.

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