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"Well then, why don't we listen to some music?"

piano3_001 is one of the tracks in the Morenatsu Soundtrack, it is played on the opening of the game and on August 31st/Leaving day

Uses in the gameEdit

  • Opening/Intro
  • August 31st, when Hiroyuki is leaving Waterfront

Audio DescriptionEdit

The song is just a piano song able to be played by one person, it is slow and is like a ballad, it does not progress/change much during the song, it has an intro (beginning) phase and a melody phase that plays after, the 1st part lasts around 2.5 lines, (2 phases of 1-4 each line). The song lasts for 47 seconds and can be looped.

Playable VersionsEdit

Extended Version

Extended Version

Original Version

Original Version


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