Shigure Tachibana Sprites Gallery
Shigure Tachibana
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Eye color:       Brown
Fur color:       Main
Personal Information
  Tappei Midoriya

Botan Akagane

  Hiroyuki Nishimura*
Shigure Tachibana (橘 時雨 Tachibana Shigureis Waterfront Village mayor. He's a calm, gentle and kind dog that's always willing to the villagers' happiness. He loves to watch TV shows and he's a close friend of Tappei Midoriya and Botan Akagane.


Shigure's past is unknown, he was Tappei's father friend and later became one of his, later meeting Botan. The three of them became close friends and It's normally implied that they have benefits with each other.

Years later, he became Waterfront Village Mayor and was beloved by all the villagers and this one willing the happiness of everybody. He normally organizes the Bon Festival and ask Tappei and Tatsuki's help.  He's one of the oldest in the village and watched how Waterfront was building, that's why he has connections with Midoriya and Kodori's families.


Shigure has a calm, cheerful and loyalty soul. He's always trying to reach everybody's happiness, but as that, he can be also very strict. He's rarely seen but when he's, he's always with a wide smile. 

With Botan and Tappei, he's joyful, friendly and even flirtish, the three of them shares a kind of brotherhood that sometimes implies benefits. But he's always happy with anything that he does.


Sigure 1 1 01

Shigure's Body

Shigure wears a blue top where part of his shoulders can be seen. He has purple fur with a white degradation where his ears are, his eyebrows are also white. He uses glasses and possesses brown eyes. He was visible nipples.

He also wears a white fundoshi with black dots on it.


  • Shigure can also be pronounced as Sigure and his sprites are actually listed as Sigure.
  • He's one of the few side characters that has a sprite using underwear.

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