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Real name: -
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Aliases: Sippo Abasiri


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Sippo Abasiri (Japanese: アバシリ しっぽ, Abashiri Shippo, with Abashiri styled in katakana and Shippo styled in hiragana, and with his chosen Latin alphabet spellings of both styled with si instead of Hepburn shi) is a kemono artist, and was an early member of the Morenatsu Project. He was the original character designer of Kouya Aotsuki, Shun Kodori, and the early prototypes of Kouya's bandmates (originally with different names). The copyrights for the final designs of these characters have been released into the public domain.

Before his involvement in the Morenatsu Project, in the early 2000s, Abasiri was a well-established kemono artist. His personal website was called AI♥Sippo, and later renamed fugeStale before eventually closing. Abasiri is now primarily active on pixiv and Twitter.