Tappei Midoriya Sprites Gallery
Tappei Midoriya
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Age: 43
Hair color:       Main
Eye color:       Unknown
Fur color:       Main
Personal Information
  Shigure Tachibana

Botan Akagane

Tetsuya Inoue

  Tatsuki Midoriya*

Yukino Midoriya *

Love Interests:
  Yukino Midoriya (Wife)

Tetsuya Inoue*

Shigure Tachibana*

Botan Akagane*

Hiroyuki Nishimura*



Sex *

Teppei Midoriya (Father)
Yukino Midoriya
Tatsuki Midoriya
Hiroyuki Nishimura (Son-in-law)*
Tappei Midoriya (翠屋 辰平, Midoriya Tappei) is Tatsuki Midoriya's father and head of the Midoriya Group. He is 43 years old. He is an obstinate and domineering husband. A heavy drinker, like a true Tokyo-ite, who gives the impression of a true craftsman. His wife bosses him around -- he is truly no match for her.


Tappei inherited Midoriya Group from his father, Teppei, maintaining the carpentry family's legacy. As his business place is the same as his house, he can accommodate the group's members when needed, especially the ones that are still under supervision, like as Chuukichi Mori and Akira Nikaidou . During the game, Tappei has shown sexual advances towards Chuukichi and Tetsuya Inoue throughout Tatsuki's route, regardless of being married with a woman. Tappei also drinks with Sensei Botan Akagane and is acquaintance with Raimon's owner, the village restaurant, where he goes to buy his drinks.


While working outside he is a cheerful and playful old man, but he always demand his employees to give their best. He is rigorous and appreciates a well-done job. Tappei is really bad with machines.

As a father, he's a little irresponsible, although his wife always reprehend him, and constantly get into fights with Tatsuki. When in anger, Tappei can be quite scary. He cares a lot with Tatsuki, but never express his feelings deliberately. Also, he treats Tatsuki the same way as any employee, making no distinctions among them.

When relaxing, he loves to smoke his pipe and drink. He is a lover of both men and women, a bisexual DILF.



Tappei's Body

At 232 cm (~7′ 7″), he is considerably taller than Tatsuki, so much so that even socks don't fit him. He has beard and his horns are bigger and solid.

Tappei's muscular body is due his labor, what added to his height gives him a huge presence. He has green-moss tone scales on his outer areas and a greyish beige tone on his legs, arms, neck, chest and tail inner parts. His hair, which starts on the head and goes until the end of his tail, has a dark beige color, as well his beard, giving him an older appearance.

He wears as work outfit a beige sleeveless shirt under his Midoriya Group's blue jacket, and brown shorts with a black belt. When at home relaxing, he takes off his blue jacket. He uses a fundoshi as underwear.

His festival outfit comprises a blue yukata top, a white sash and his usual brown shorts.


  • While he's pictured with a yellowish hair in-game, his hair is white on the trailer.
    • His eyes are also pictured as white-colored.

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