Ok since Morenatsu dev. has stopped indefinatly and with Windows 10 killing applocale and makign life hard on all of us that dont live in japan (myself espically T_T) I have decided to do 2 things!

! remake Morenatsu in a new engine keeping as close as humanly possible to the original game as possible

and second i am hoping to gather a few people together to help me with this gigantic task (mostly the scripting part).

I'm gonna link to the alpha version if the project wich contains a very small part of the entire story and is what i have accomplished today alone. If you like it keep rooting me on and if you know how to script Javascript and want to help feel free tp reply as well and we can see if we cant figure this out together.

Game link:

What is missing At the moment: Custom names, Settings, CG gallery and all the story after the ending point of this Alpha

What will defintaly need work on in the future: Map screen coding, Custom Name Coding, Settings and CG Gallery coding

Update: I was effectively met with plaenty of "Someone else is doing this already" comments when I posted this, and decided to focus instead on college studies instead. I am no longer working on this and have 0 intrest in picking it back up as Engineering HW is a beast. Please do not post on this anymore and if a mod sees this feel free tp delete it.