Hello everybody.

This time of year again. So as I did last year, I'd like to share some words.
Practically one year ago, I found out about Morenatsu, and few days later, this wiki. Although it seems this happened a long time ago, it was just one year, that went in a blink of eye.
Because of that, it's a special time for me, and more, the season couldn't be better here in Brazil - it's summer.

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As the holidays are coming, and the year's end is approaching, it's a good time to reminiscence. I've done a lot of good stuff this year, however I lost track of some objectives, of which I regret, but nothing can be done about it but to accept. I guess the same goes for most of you. What I want to say is, this is all a good exercise: to be true with yourself. It's like reviewing a page of a huge book we're writing.

Well, okay, I got sentimental. Sorry about that.

What I truly want is to wish a Merry Christmas for everyone, and a great New Year's Eve.
For people who don't celebrate Christmas, or have a different calendar, I wish happiness and a peaceful year.

I thank all the contributors and the staff by helping build this Morenatsu wiki, and hope to see you next year. Let's chat!