• MorenatsuWilson

    Several Months Later.

    February 21, 2015 by MorenatsuWilson

    Well it's been several months now since I discovered Morenatsu. I'm pleased with finding it. I'm writing this to the admins and such for making this a great wiki. Whenever I play Morenatsu I get a good feeling. Like I want to be with them, dance with them, hang out with them, *coughs* date Shin Kuroi *coughs* and that kind of stuff. Then I discovered the Morenatsu Wiki after a couple months and in a way it feels like home. Kinda like I belong here ya know? I really hope this Wiki keeps growing and the game gets even more popular. To be honest i'm not sure why i'm writing this. It's just a thanks to the admins and such. Sometimes I trail off into other things. Sorry about that. Anyway, fantastic work everyone.

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