Hello to all, I am rtlstien

I was given the opportunity to create a RenPy port of Morenatsu for the Revival teams a few months back.  Right now, I'd like to share with you the progress of the port:

Days Inputted:

Currently all the dialogue, sprites, backgrounds and sound effects have been ported into RenPy from Days 1 to 15 (Welcome Party to the end of the camping trip).  What's next is the six individual routes.  Currently I've preformatted four of the six routes (Kounosuke, Tatsuki, Shun and Kouya) so that when I insert them into RenPy I'll just need to add the visual and audio effects.

Morenatsu Map:

I've managed to make the map and character selection screen work just like the original.

Morenatsu Menus:

I've recently started messing with the menus to make them look and act like the original.  This will be a slow, on-going process as I mainly focus on getting the routes done first.

Things to work on:

Aside from the menus, there are still some animation effects I'm trying to figure out such as the random rain drops and the fireworks effects. 

I'm planning to create a journal on my FA account to update on the status of the port.  If you have any questions regarding the port you can ask here or at my FA account at (

My current goal is to have the port ready by the end of the year.

Thank you

Edit 25 Oct 17: Tatsuki, Kounosuke and Shun's routes have been inserted into the port. 

Edit 3 Nov 17: All routes have been inserted into the port.  Will now tackle the menus and check for errors

Edit 28 Nov 17: The menus are almost to the same quality as the original.  In December I'll be distributing the current version of the port to some testers to help spot any errors or big differences in the port.  Anything they spot I'll fix, while also continuing to smooth out the menus of the game.

Edit 25 Dec 17: Happy Holidays, everyone.  Unfortunately the Month of December has been a rather hectic time for myself and the testers of the port.  It seems I may have to do the majority of the testing myself.  This, in addition to being out of commision for the past week due to the flu, may cause the port release to be delayed a week or two.  My apologies.

Edit 23 Jan 18: Here is where you can get the link for the port -