As it says on the main page, Morenatsu has stopped being developed. It's been over 10 years and just when we were going to get Torahiko, Soutarou and Kyouji, it ended. Believe me, I'm as angry and dissapointed as all of you are, I really enjoyed this visual novel.

I'm not a social person but I do not want this to die so easily, as something that just happened, like an unfinished comic, so I am here to offer my help. I know about Art and Writting, my style is not as similar as Shamoji's (Because that would be copycat, people. Never be a copycat!) but I know about proportions and I solely draw on Kemono standards, so do not worry, I won't draw canine dicks here and there and... feral paws and hands with four fingers, or stuff like that, I am here to propose fanmade routes, as much I would LOVE to do this, I can't do it alone. I know nothing about KiriKiri, neither programming, I think the guys and gals at the forum know more about this than I do.

To do this we would need a: Programmer, Scripter, and all that it needs to make a fully functional route. I would enjoy to have someone that's native from USA, I know writting but since it's not my native language, I might do typos here and there, and that would not be professional at all, actually, it would be quite annoying. 

Leave a word here if you would like to help. If nothing happens, welp, we had a good run, right? We can't lose anything by trying, right?

- Z-Lion

UPDATE: I thought that to make the note more remarkable, I should prove that I can draw similar to Shamoji, so I did this to shade some light.