Yuuki Torii Sprites Gallery
Yuuki Torii
Gender: Male
Species: Bird
Hair color:       -
Eye color:       Blue
Fur color:       -
Personal Information
  Band Member


  Yuuki Torii

Jun Nekonishi

Kouya Aotsuki

Hiroyuki Nishimura

Yuuki Torii (Band Member)

Jun Nekonishi (Band Member) Kouya Aotsuki (Band Member) Hiroyuki Nishimura (Band Member)

Yuuki Torii (鳥井 有季, Torii Yūki) is one of Kouya Aotsuki's true friends and is the lead singer in Kouya's band, Musikus. He's a timid but joyful birdman.


Yuuki's past is unknown. He joined the band after he read an announcement in a shop. Grabbing his attention, he decided to join the band. He was the 3rd to join, followed by Jun Nekonishi.

He often serves as the one to calm down Keisuke Hirama and is often implied that both have some kind of close relationship.


Yuuki is a calm bird, always gentle and aware of what "Personal Space" is. He sometimes serves as the one to calm down the people in the group. Still, he sometimes jumps in the moment and goes along with Keisuke's ideas.

He's probably the most serious/dedicated of the group, even more than Jun.


Yuuki wears a light, sleeveless t-shirt with a short jacket that covers the chest and the shoulders. He also wears large gray pants, a dog tag, and a white band that goes around his head.

In terms of build, Yuuki is very thin, noticeable through his open shirt.


  • When Sippo Abasiri originally created the character designs for Kouya and his bandmates, the band had a bird member, but his name was Tsubasa Yukimine and he had a drastically different appearance from Yuuki. Later, Tsubasa's design was replaced by a different-looking bird character, which was closer to Yuuki's design but with different colors and clothing.
  • Yuuki is missing a sprite, the sprite list on the database jumps from Nº3 to Nº5. A Nº4 sprite is nowhere to be found.